Youth of Today [Andri & Hawke]


       Today was an exciting day. People, shem’len, had been spotted approaching camp. Everything was so very still, the patrols tight, and all the children locked away in tents or aravels. Out of sight and out of danger, or so they thought. When some one is trying to watch many things at once, other things slip out of sight. Tiny little fingers wrapped around the aravel door, and cracked open the dark green cloth covering the opening, wide eyes on a small face staring out.

        “Ma’dirth na’din, Andri.” Came another voice, and her eyes disappeared from the little crack of light that snuck into the dark aravel where she held the curtain.

       ”Shhhh!” Came the harsh reply, and all was quiet again. Her little fingers pulling the cloth tight as an armor clad clansman walked past. Then she slipped out, her hands wrapped around the hand of a taller boy with dusty blonde on his tan skin making him a strange opposite to the pale skin and black haired girl that held his hand hostage.

       They disappeared into the trees in a flash, Andri abandoning his hand to let her smaller legs run. She was pitched forward, such that one was sure she would fall, and yet her sheer momentum kept her aloft as she disappeared out of the dusty circle of their camp and into the damp grass and thick trees beyond.

       ”Na’elas!” The boy cried, but if she heard she didn’t listen. Her black hair flying behind her like crows wings as she zipped between trees with a singular goal in mind.

       ”Na’shem!” She finally shouted back, a little hop turning her into a half circle where she spotted Tamlen running, a single hand raising to wave at him before another hop and she was off again. Finally she slowed, the great white flowered tree ahead of her that was their favorite spot. She could hear Tamlen’s shoed feet catching up and she quickly clambered up the tree, her tiny hands greedily grabbing onto the grooved bark and pulling herself upward.

       ”El dar’harel!” Tamlen’s voice shouted up at her, a tiny crack in the upbeat showing how nervous he was as he pulled at his brown tunic and looked around himself, wide eyes expecting the sound of Keeper Marethari’s shouts.

       The trees rustled, her head poking out as she grinned down, odd twigs, leaves, and flowers, sticking out of her free flowing and long black hair. “Hamin, Tamlen!” Her laughter was carefree, lilting with the silly wanderings of youth as she disappeared back into the thick curtain of white blossoms.

       ”El den’dareth aravel’in… ” Tamlen said to no one, he had taken to leaning against the tree, refusing to scamper after his friend. His hands idly pulled on the edges of his tunic, his eyes darting with that guilty gaze he was known for amongst the other children. Tamel-who-can’t-keep-a-secret. “Mamae’him dar’nan.

       His pathetic vocals caught Andri’s attention, her head sticking out again where she dropped a few flowers onto his head, gaining her an irritated look and Tamlen sticking out his tongue at her. “Hamin! Sadin elu’dar.” Before disappearing once more, only rustling branches giving her away. She was already fast at work, weaving a flower crown to take back as an apology  for sneaking off. Maybe she should make one for Tamlen too. She just couldn’t stand the idea of being cooped up in the Aravel all day, especially when the elder tree was blooming!

"Andri -" Tamlen spoke, the sound urgent and choked.

Andri rolled her eyes, “Da’elvarel.”

       ”Andri!” The sheer command in her voice had her head coming out, crowned in white blossoms as she saw finally what all the fuss was about. Apparently they weren’t the only ones attracted to the elder trees blossoms, as a human girl had appeared between the trees. Andri moved down the tree quickly, her fingers grasping branches hard enough that she felt little scrapes along her fingers, and the soft ground seemed a lot harder when she landed with a thud, crouched in front of her friend.

       ”El dar’harel.” Tamlen whimpered, his eyes wide as he gazed at the human child that was taller, by a good margin, than them both.

       ”Hush, Tamlen.” Andri grumbled, her eyes moving from him to the human girl. “This tree, our. Go way.” She commanded, her little chest puffed up, even as her broken and heavy accented common tumbled out. She apparently didn’t realize how ridiculous she looked as her hands tried to force the badly sitting flower crown back on her ears, her badly stained and torn green tunic like a sack on her tiny form.

       ”Fen’Harel spare us…” was Tamlen’s plaintive cry as his hands came to cover his eyes for a moment, embarrassment tinging his ear tips red as he stared down at Andri, her chest still puffed even as the flowers fell into her eyes again.

It took little longer than a few minutes to make it out of the camp and into the trees. The camp wasn’t very big, and she wondered how it was that such a big family could live in such a small place. Or at least, she assumed the family was big, since everywhere she seemed to turn in the camp there were three or four giving her funny looks. She didn’t recognise any of them, even from her very fuzzy memory of the last camp they had been to. Must be a new one, she decided, but that didn’t matter. If they looked at her funny, she was gonna look at them funny right back.

It was another few minutes before the trees thickened even more and she couldn’t see the camp behind her. It didn’t matter to her that she might actually find herself lost in one of the more dangerous forests of Ferelden, no, to her mind she had already learned how to track from her father (in the space of one lesson) and she would be able to find her own way back to the camp with no issue at all. Either way, that was a problem for much later, right now, she was trying to find a tree.

Almost everything she passed was just not good enough, be it that the lower branches were too week, too high, or the tree was just… straight up. There was no fun in going straight up unless she had Carver to race, or if she could dare him to climb all the way to the top, So those trees were given a miss. More than once, she almost tripped, the nature of the Brecilian forest being that even simply walking where a path had not already been forged was to dodge the winding roots that carpeted the floor, Not that she cared enough to search for a real path, nor would she stop or turn back if she did trip. After all, her knees and elbows were already well and scuffed from her exploits.

Peering between the trees, she did finally trip when her eye caught something very, very bright. With a grunt and a scowl, she spat out the mouthful of dirt she had collected and pushed back on to her feet, brushing off her palms as she took a second look between the trees. It was another tree, but it was very different from all the others. It was in the middle of a small clearing, the other trees giving it a somewhat wide berth. It almost reminded her of when she was dragged to various chantries by her mother, and the way the sisters would crowd around the revered mother. She was too busy staring at the bright white blossom to notice the boy at the foot of the tree.

But as she stepped out into the clearing she heard the hissed voice, then the commanding bark and she glanced down. She noticed his ears first of all, his suspicious expression second. A wary elf — she pulled a face — wouldn’t be the first time she’s met one of those. And what did 'andri' mean? Was that elvish for hello? Judging by the way he looked at her however, she had to doubt that he was here to welcome her.

Then, a much smaller body thumped to the ground and Fae stopped. She was so little it almost made her laugh that she was ordering around the bigger boy, and she snickered to herself. She barely understood a word they said however, and her smirk turned into a squint. 

"What? Dunno —" Mum would yell at her for that. "Don’t know what you’re saying. Are you speaking elvish? Why’s this tree white? Why aren’t you back with the rest of the elves?"

The questions tumbled out as she tilted her head curiously, thumbs tucking into the belt that held a small pouch and a little wooden blade. It was her favourite toy and she barely went anywhere without it — much to Carver’s chagrin. She wore simple Fereldan gear, A tunic tied at the waist, loose brown pants and boots that went almost up to her knees. Her arms were bare, long hair messily tied back (though most of it hung out of the band). She was more curious than anything, having never really spoken to the elven children before.

"You’re from the camp that way, right?" She waved an arm behind her, no concern for the fact she was pointing in the wrong direction. "I’m staying there with my family."



                             ☆ —— ❝ Well, I am actually not sure.
                                        I don’t really have a destination in mind.

            I…                        Well, alright then.
            Well you might at least want to clear
             away from here soon-ish. It’s not too 
             safe after dark.


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                        ” important question. do you think sandal
                          can put enchantments on bolts? “

                          it would be a long, tedious process, he imagines; afflicting
                          every singular bolt with a beneficial lyrium. he could just
                          coat them with poisons, but somehow, electrical damage
                          or burn wounds sounds more appealing. 


                   That depends entirely on who’s basement
                    such a thing would be created in.

            In truth, flaming blades had sounded quite appealing to her too.
            And that had caused many a questionable sound to erupt from
            the small room she had insisted the dwarf keep his experiments
            to. At least the product had certainly been worth the scorch marks.

For You, I’ll Live | Faerys + Amelia


"What do you-"

Amelia inhaled sharply at Hawke’s sudden touches. She was so engrossed in the activity of squaring everything away that her expectations had been curbed in favor of the task at hand. As Hawke nipped at her neck, Amelia realized that she should have expected as much. She closed her eyes and reached back to run her fingers through Hawke’s hair as she titled her head to give the woman better reign over her neck. Her breathing was growing unsteady as Hawke’s touches moved from simple adoration to utter exploration. She felt the cloth of her short lifting up and she shyly pressed her own knees together as if to stop Hawke for a moment.

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Amelia’s words were all but ignored as Hawke stood, barely noticing how she shrugged the garment from her person. Silver was fixed to that golden green, her expression nothing short of adoring and she remained enraptured even as she felt Amelia’s lips at her stomach. And when the Orlesian moved, she did not stand idle. She fell with Amelia, propped over her with her eyes still fixed to the Orlesian’s as though she’d never seen them before. The words went over her head as her lips brushed Amelia’s and finally her eyes fell closed.

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In Regard to the Asks Received About Not Drawing Very Well and/or Giving up Because You ‘Aren’t Good Enough’ or ‘Not Showing Improvement’


Stop. Right there. Listen.

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For You, I’ll Live | Faerys + Amelia


Amelia felt Hawke come in close and before she could turn around, she saw the arm go around her waist. She raised her arms slightly to let Hawke have her way before putting down the dish she had in hand. When Hawke turned her around, Amelia was surprised to see such a genuine smile painted on Hawke’s face. It was a sudden shift from the cloud of doubt and anxiety that hung over the woman since she first arrived. It was a welcomed changed and Amelia couldn’t help but smile back. Not her usual reserved smile that was formed over years of practice, her was just as genuine and just a wide. It was, admittedly, a rarity for Amelia to smile with her teeth showing so even she was surprised at how easily it was for her to do so. She cupped Hawke’s cheek and closed her eyes as she felt herself being kissed, breathing in deeply as the two of them parted, she snuck a quick peck before she felt herself being lifted up.

Fais gaffe!" she squeaked.

She giggled as she was being spun around, leaning into Hawke slightly to make sure she wasn’t accidentally thrown off. Amelia kept her hand on Hawke’s cheek as she leaned her forehead against Hawke’s, sighing in contentment at the woman’s affection. It felt different from the night before. They weren’t touches of desperation or the seeking out of proof. They weren’t calling to Amelia as if she were an apparition. They were ecstatic touches coupled with wide smiles and childish glimmers of the eye. Amelia wanted nothing more than to live in that moment forever. As Hawke spoke, she couldn’t help but heave heavy sighs all over again. Even she could scarcely believe it. 

"I am here, mon loup." she said softly, "As I was always meant to be, I am here. And I have no plans of going elsewhere. So you are stuck with me now, oui?"

She followed behind Hawke, walking with lively steps as she followed the newly energized woman bounding in front of her. Amelia wasn’t quite sure what it was that brought her back to life, she hoped that she had done something right. Then again, it could have been something as simple as a warm meal in her belly. Whatever it was, it felt like everything was falling back into place and the two of them were, in some ways, accepting the situation that was thrust upon them. In the back of her mind, Amelia still dreaded the thought of what Hawke must have gone through in her absence. There was still a lot to apologize for, a lot of decisions that needed atonement in her mind. Amelia had convinced herself that there was a lot to fix but she took solace in the fact that Hawke was slowly returning to form.

"There were no sheets to begin with," she quipped, "But you can take whatever’s on the bed off for now. I’ve already ordered your beddings laundered. They will arrive by midday so we can go ahead and change the sheets then."

Amelia turned her attention to the dwarf looking up at her, “Bodahn, make sure the kittens are fed and have water, s’il vous plait. The dishes are scouring so I can take care of it later. I do need a couple of things laundered of hers and mine. There is a broken robe in her bedroom. Throw that away, oui?”

The mage went on to give detailed instructions on how the house was to be cleaned and who to call if they needed any extra hands just as she had done on occasion. Bodahn listened intently and even took some notes as the Orlesian pointed out specific things that needed to be done before day’s end as well as whatever could be left for the end of the week. At the end of her instructions, she gave out a market list of things that she needed. After she was done, she walked up to where Hawke was standing and walked passed her and moved towards the bedroom.

"Now," she ran her fingers through her hair as she spoke, "What to take care of here, mm?"

Hawke leaned against the door, arms folded and lips bent into a smirk too curved to truly be a smirk. She simply watched as Bodahn excitedly took notes, clearly swept up in the atmosphere that had more than been cleansed of the muddiness it had touted over the past few days. Her gaze shifted back over to Amelia, and her smile became wider as she took all of her small form in. She adored the way Amelia stood, light on her feet as though ready to dance at any moment. She loved the way she talked with her hands, the fluidity of her every gesture. It wasn’t the first time she had watched, but it was the first time she had surmised that the woman herself was as musical as her talents.

Her favourite thing about the picture before her however was an entirely selfish one. To see how her own shirt drowned her fiance was nothing short of adorable, to see her hair still ruffled from sleep just as cute. It was strange to think that this woman was capable of — well, she didn’t really want to think about what Amelia was capable of right then. 

She said nothing as Amelia passed but followed as was no doubt expected. Already, likely in her absence the few sheets that had remained on the bed from their rest the night before were gone and she suspected Bodahn had already been in the room. The torn garment was already gone, the few bottles that had littered the table up her gone and replaced with a vase of flowers. She wondered then if that had been accomplished while she slept, or the dwarf had been in while the pair of them ate.

Nevertheless, it was not the vase of flowers nor the breeze from the now-opened window that had her attention.

She stepped close to Amelia, not meeting her eyes as she simply took her in. A light smile, mischievous in nature played at her lips as her hands reached out, fingers trailing from bare thighs and up, over the fabric of the baggy shirt. Her eyes remained glued to her hands as they dragged that shirt up no more than an inch in movements that curved around Amelia’s hips. Her touches were affectionate and little more for that moment, simply enjoying the warmth of Amelia’s body. She slipped behind her then, halting her arms and wrapping them around the Orlesian’s waist, lips buried within her neck.

"I know what I would like to take care of," it was a murmur, punctuated by the hands that slipped to Amelia’s thighs once again, fingertips just barely ghosting on the surface of her skin before rising, this time tucking beneath the overlong shirt and dragging it up with her motions. She couldn’t decide then if she was teasing or simply wanted to explore her lover, to kiss and touch and taste every inch of her in the affectionate manner she had become so used to. Regardless, the thought of cleaning was thrown far from her mind as teeth nipped at Amelia’s neck, to be soothed with a kiss.

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(( That game is a beautiful, beautiful thing. ))

[[IT REALLY IS god such beautiful design and concept and music and atmosphere hrrrrk I love it so much]]

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Sophia, Crazy-eyes, uhh that chick Donna from that 70s show plays? I haven't watched much of this show can u tell

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Rue, Haymitch, Effie!

Dragon Age: Origins - Morrigan [ starsandscimitars ]
The Redemption of Althalthus - Dweia [ freckleelf ]
Dragon Age 2 - Meredith [ starsandscimitars ]
Alice: Madness Returns - Cheshire cat [ lyrium-wolf ]
Game of Thrones - Tyrion [ hearttodust ]
Game of Thrones - Cersei [ hearttodust ]
The Hunger Games - Johanna [ hearttodust ]
The Hunger Games - MY BABY RUE [ starsandscimitars ]
Orange is the New Black - Sophia Burset [ namelesskraken ]

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