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Just call me Hawke. Mother had a sense of humour when she gave me this ridiculous name.

I'm a person of little consequence, unless the title 'Champion' means anything to you. Most days, I sincerely hope it doesn't.

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Saffy’s (hawkeling) back! *sHRIEKS*

IDK why she neglected to mention this; but she’s uber-freakin’-duber quality and we need to smoosh her cheeks DARP-style

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"Why can’t I fuck the dwarf?" - Ancient Dragon Age Prophecy 

Putting a minor nsfw tag on here because now you’re all thinking of glow-in-the-dark dicks. :B

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What the Shit is th—inarticulate screaming— [Fae & Orsino]


She is a shit. You have it proclaimed as your blog title! Also, excuse you, I bet this geezer could keep up with her just fine. No really, side with the Templars sometime and watch Orsino run away during The Last Straw. Fucking Olympic worthy shit right there, I’m telling ya. Dragon Age II sure has some hilarious animations and inconsistencies, damn. Now that you mention it, who’s to say the monsters won’t be creeped out and frightened by this pair. Tall mother fuckers with white hair and a weird age difference snooping about their castle? Meth heads! Meth heads in the castle! Christ in a hand basket!

Alright, you just confused the hell out of me. Are you insinuating that Orsino is waltzing around here with his dick out and Fae is strutting around in a mini-skirt with no panties on? Because I don’t see how her tripping would merit some Faery World putang but okay. You know this image is pretty much the best image I have for Hawkesino shippers because I said so. I don’t think people who aren’t virgins have a special name. Hey, fucking keep him a virgin, cuz if one of the monsters demands a virginal sacrifice at least Fae can get away safely. Though, virgins are usually portrayed as pretty young girls in white dresses so the monster might be a smidge bit disappointed but maybe if you squint hard enough he could pass for a girl?

Nope. Just tried it. He looks like a Chinese man.

Of course he’s going to shut the fuck up because he’s a little bitch who does what he’s told even though he’s the older one here. In the archive they go, occasionally clipping with the environment because I’ve yet to come across a game where the character doesn’t go through the damn surroundings at least once and even though it doesn’t bother us it’s probably wigging them the fuck out. I like to think that things that aren’t a big deal for us are massive problems for the characters.

With probably the most manly squeal ever, Orsino found himself clipping into the stupid fucking couches when they strutted by. Not that he was going to let that interfere with their exploring, so without much comment he yanked his hand free of the couch, successfully ripping it the fuck off. No it’s okay, it’s still attached, it’s just connected by a grey string or some complicated gaming bullshit about mesh or whatever. Though that soon snaps free and flops lifelessly to the ground as it slowly molds back to his model. Man, video games are fucking trippy if they don’t work right.

A note sits on the table and of course Orsino isn’t going to let it go unread because why. Not that the stupid thing gave him any answer to what is going on. “Who in the blazing fuck is Daniel?”

Sssh. Our muses don’t need to know we bound and gagged that asshole so that they could be in his game. Sssh. Quickly now, run to the study and through the history thingy majig, and then we can frustrate them with their first puzzle yaaaaaay.

Actually my blog title is “A bigger shithead than Orsino” which totally implicates him too. In fact it isn’t I literally just changed it yesterday to some lyrics from a song I couldn’t get out of my head so I can sound pretentious but also clever at the same time so wOOO go me. Also you realise we now have to have an awkward age difference roommate meth head AU right. That would almost rival this AU in fabulosity. Do you remember when this thread was serious? I don’t. It went downhill as soon as we realised Orsino’s clothing was embroidered with dicks.

To be fair by that logic everyone in Dragon Age is a little bitch who does what they’re told except Meredith because I mean really who actually properly stands up to Hawke over the course of the plot? So Orsino shouldn’t worry his fluffy little bun buns because he’s just making like every other NPC in the damned franchise when paired up with Hawke or the Warden. The environment fucking up, honestly, made Fae feel a bit ill. That’s weird distortion man, so she found herself needing to laugh it off. So she laughed it off. Right in his face. She’s an adult, I swear, but apparently licking the pink goo off her face stole 20 years from her. Yes. She’s 7 now.

She stopped laughing the minute she heard something fucking growling though. Not that she’d let herself look scared, not the mighty Champion of Kirkwall! So she just patted her stomach to make like she’s so hungry that her hunger could wake up the bright pink sludge monsters from hell and rolled her eyes at him.

"How in the fucking fuck should I know who the fuck Daniel is?"

With that ever-salient piece of commentary, she literally fucking dragged him by the arm because he was walking too slow for her and not at all because I need them both to be through in the weird room before the fucking roof caves in. And because you know, she is technically purple Hawke, and therefore sociopathic in a number of the different comments she comes out with, she turned to him and made a stupid face.

"Guess you’re stuck with me in here. Maybe we’ll need to resort to cannibalism. Spoilers; I’ll win."

Because threatening to eat your only companion when you’re in an unidentified place that you may just die of starvation in is the best way ever to make friends. Way to fucking go, Hawke. Anyway, so they’re in the place now where there are two rooms that go nowhere and a wee hole in the wall. It took me fucking ages to find that wee hole in the wall on my first run through and I’m still bitter so Hawke is now temporarily blind to holes in walls because I’ve decided she’s not smart enough to find it.

Instead, she gets super fucking excited at finding another tinderbox and happily shows it to Orsino like a happy puppy who just chomped up his favourite slipper before shoving it in her pocket. I’m beginning to wonder if she’s not actually the best one to be called the protagonist here. She’s a dorky NPC.

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Iɴvαde & Rαιd [Orѕιɴo/Fαe]


          So many of his goons thought his orders were a game. He gave them no reason to think that protecting what is his and, respectfully, what is theirs, is not worth protecting. This was more than just a game. This was so much more than a gamble of life or death, of power or weakness, of rich and poor; this was a statement. Since his rise, the forgotten tropes of the city had given names to themselves, become fearsome fighters who are protect from the law but can still play Yahtzee on the weekends without worrying about a drive by.

          But he was no saint. His goons, the family they have become, are given no leniency when betrayal or, in Fae’s case, failure, looms before them. The Hawke sisters had been through quite enough before he offered them positions at his mansion and they still continued to suffer. Though he eases their woes he has no qualms giving them some as well; his preferred being threatening to throw them out onto the streets, or dangling Bethany’s wellbeing over Fae’s pretty little alabaster head.

          A cruel tactic, but it had effective results. Being buddy-buddy and friendly only worked so much. Everyone who worked beneath him knew just what he would do to them if he was pushed too far, and even though he was fond of the Hawke sisters… they were not exempt from his ire. Though they were able to pinpoint which of the rival gangs had the gall to attack his Champion and steal his cargo, the fact remained that it had been allowed to happen. Surely one could understand his anger if they thought on the matter at hand long enough.

          The gang who had taken his lyrium was Fae’s old one, after all. For all he knew, her injury was a ploy in a desperate attempt to conceal she helped her ol’-buddy-ol’-pals.

          Her way of entering used to be adorable. Now, it was obnoxious, and he was getting tired of it. She was lucky everything in his office was meant to look real but in reality was just plastic. Aside from his desk; that’s pure mahogany. She is met with a steady, pointed gaze, barely perceivable in the harsh lighting of his room. The orange colored blind filtered in the light badly and for whatever ridiculous reason, this was the only room in the house without an overhead light. The lightswitch was designed to, instead, shock a person.

          “We’ll skip the reason why you’re here and… get down to the nitty-gritty details.” He said, rising from his seat and placing his hands, knuckles down, on the smooth surface of his desk. “Were you aware that the gang who took the cargo was Athenril’s, Champion?” He bristled. “Or were you too busy flirting with the goddamned pirate to have noticed?” 

          In any other case, Hawke would have given a slice of backchat at the comment, regardless how truthful it was. She was not afraid of the Don, and she had proven that time and time again, be it with her demeanor or her attitude. It was the small pleasure she took from being a highly valuable asset, but in this situation, with failure looming over her head, it was a pleasure she dared not indulge in. The Don was nothing if not unpredictable, and it was not out of his hands to make her life… very difficult if e decided her assets were just not worth it anymore.

          So teeth were grit, and hands folded into fists and stuffed in her armpits as she stood tall and stared down at him with folded arms. Hawke indulged in this moment for perhaps a little longer than she should have; but it was rare Orsino be bent into a position that would not grant him more height, and in some deep dark recess of her mind that made no sense, her height gave her a small amount of control she knew would soon be taken from her.

          “I might just have spotted her markings on the pommel of the blade that gave me this—” Her left arm rose abruptly, just enough to display the tuft of white fabric of the bandage she wore beneath her leather jacket. It had been painful at the time, Athenril’s age old penchant for spicing up the knives her employees used — literally — with chilli powder making it feel far worse than it really was. “Right before it was brought down on my skull and used to knock me out.”

          Hawke’s voice was hard, but she knew better than to act truly defensive, or indeed cheeky. Athenril was not an unfamiliar name for her, and however many bad memories would be associated with the gang, she would never shake that connection with Orsino’s biggest competitor — though competitor was a loose term. It is not a competition when the product is the same, simply with a different seller.

          She knew his concerns, and for a bare moment, it almost seemed like it would be funny if his worries were true. What a great “fuck you” it would be to leave his service for the somewhat capable hands of his enemy, without moving an inch from her cushy lifestyle brought by his… “trust”. Less effective though, when you are caught. And when you are caught… That’s when the punishment happens. Not a thought was given to her own safety as thoughts of Bethany immediately flooded her mind. She was the only family the Champion had left, and she would not see her harmed because of her own foolishness.

          “We waste time with this confrontation when we should be taking the confrontation to them.” Yes, good. Divert attention from yourself. Be proactive. “I have already assembled a team and they’ll be ready to go within five minutes.”


[Text: Lady Love] I leave 21 April, after the Easter celebrations are through.
[Text: Lady Love] Don’t trust the others to handle big holidays, you know.
[Text: Lady Love] What’s your idea?

[Text: Lady Kickass] I found a thing you might like.
[Text: Lady Kickass] [link attachment]
[Text: Lady Kickass] Or at least, I hope you might like. I already bought tickets.

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[Text: Lady Love] Fae calm down
[Text: Lady Love] You know I’m a slow texter
[Text: Lady Love] I accidentally hit send. The whole text should read, ‘I’m sorry I could only get ten days off this time, because the holiday season is coming up, but I already booked a flight.’

[Text: Lady Kickass] I don’t think I’ve ever been so excited to hear bad news.
[Text: Lady Kickass] That’s great though, what are the dates?
[Text: Lady Kickass] I had an idea but it’s kind of dependent.

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[Text: Lady Love]: I’m sorry

[Text: Lady Kickass] What? Why?
[Text: Lady Kickass] Tam?
[Text: Lady Kickass] That’s really ambiguous and this wait is killing me.
[Text: Lady Kickass] Is signal really that bad there?!


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What can I say to a group of extraordinary people who’ve made my roleplay experience worth every minute? What can I say to encompass the laughter, the feels, the long nights spent way past my bedtime to get one more crack-related post in? How can I tell you that DARP has become such an important thing in my life, and that not only has it gifted me with incredible friends and talented writing buddies, but also pushed me to expand my own horizons and grow as a writer?

There is no easy answer, and it’s why I choose my words so carefully. There are fewer treasures in this world than communities that are so open and wonderful and welcoming and damn right inspiring and it’s been an absolute privilege to be a part of this amazing family. You guys bring out the best in me and give me memories and smiles I’ll keep tucked away in my pocket forever. I don’t know how many thank you’s it’ll take to convince you, but let this serve as a big reminder that I’m super grateful for your love, support and friendship, and that it keeps me going on my darkest days.

♥ Coco

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"I don’t want to lose you! You’re all I have left!" 8I


            It had been too close of a call. Luckily there were healers among the mages they were camped with, but for Nanna it had very nearly not been enough.  

            Hawke was far more distraught than Nanna had ever seen her. Or that she expected her to be. The sheer amount of care she was taking with her, the concern, resonated somewhere deep inside the smaller woman that she had tried to force down. She couldn’t bring herself to look at her cousin, yet she could not help but feel touched. 

            But they had a job to do.


      "…Whatever it takes, Hawke. You know that."

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"I don’t want to lose you! You’re all I have left!" [[SOBS INTO HANDS]]


Hawke’s words struck Theo’s chest with a piercing ache and he was rendered silent, only his widened eyes capable of relaying such impact. The pure anguish in her voice choked any words that tried to surface in his throat, his blank expression quickly taking on new life as his brows drew in concern. What could he possibly say to that? Everything truly had been taken from Fae at this point, and it crushed his heart to see her in such a state. Her father, Carver, Bethany, her mother and now…Amelia - her wife, her other half - had been ripped away from her. The depth of such sorrow his dear friend must have felt rapidly overwhelmed him, gaze glossing over as he let out a shuddered breath.

He wanted to be there for her, wanted to promise that everything was going to be alright in the end. But they both knew that would be just an empty pledge. Either warrior could find themselves overpowered in battle on any given venture, and Theo’s own days were undoubtedly numbered. Quietly, steps carried him forward and the warden’s arms wrapped around Fae in a warm, tight and lingering embrace. She would have to lose him too, sooner or later, but today he still breathed. He was still there for her and he would remain by her side as long as he possibly could be.

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what is even happening right now


      "I am far from certain myself, Grey One. You might yet say we’ve—

                                                               Passed the point of no return.” 



The bracelet seems to pale in comparison to Hawke’s admission. And though she’s felt the same way for some time now, it’s a different story to hear the sentiment returned so easily, unbidden. 

"Fae…you can’t possibly know how much it means to hear you say that and I’ll never be able to adequately tell you." she says, wiping moisture from the corner of her eye. "But I feel I’m quite possibly the luckiest girl in the Free Marches. I’m honored, truly.”

"I’m glad you’re honoured to be a part of this family!” Hawke laughed, pulling Violet in for a tighter hug the moment she noticed the beginnings of tears.

"I would call it being cursed, but that’s just me." It was spoken without a hint of anger or bitterness, but with every joke comes a small truth. Not that she would show it in her face, however.

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The Daily | Amelia & Faerys


"Well, you did and I don’t find it to be a particularly bad idea," she said, "It’s only a continental breakfast, though. If you wanted steak and eggs, we’ll just have to go elsewhere."

Amelia turned and faced Hawke, cupping her cheeks with both hands and grinning at her. She looked a mess with her hair in a tangle from the night before. Amelia didn’t look that much more put together, but she had some semblance of the hair she had spent hours doing. She stood on the tips of her toes to reach the woman’s lips, kissing her softly before plunking back down and turning on the shower. It had to take a minute. The only unfortunate feature of their otherwise luxurious hotel room was that the hot water took a while to actually be hot as she had learned the hard way the first night she used it. She took her hand in tentatively and shook the water off after feeling nothing but ice cold needles on her skin.

The cold chill of the tiles in the bathroom finally got to her and she shivered a bit before wrapping her arms around Hawke and resting her forehead on her chest. She hummed to herself as she waited for the shower to reach a tolerable temperature, swaying slightly as she did. She could count in one hand the people she had felt comfortable enough to be around the way she was with her and it was a good feeling to have. Looking up at Hawke, Amelia gave her a faint smile before leaning back against the marble counter top.

"It’s our two days of vacation time. What do you suppose we do with them? Besides me checking on my babies again, of course."

"You morning people and your morning things like breakfast…"

Though she grumbled, it was a fond grumble, one that came up almost every time they woke together. The morning would have been less like a morning of theirs had she not, and though the thought of food was hardly unappetizing, the sound of continental was met with a grimace, nothing more. Her arms wrapped fully around her lover as she settled against the counter, and Fae couldn’t help but plant kisses on the top of Amelia’s head as one hand rose to run through her hair, breathing her scent.

"Mia, your babies are going to be just fine." It was almost a whine as it came out, her tired self not restricting the more honest of her thoughts. "You have that nanny person there for them. And you even have the cameras to make sure the nanny is doing her job properly." 

Hawke huffed as she turned slightly, sticking her own hand under the flow of water and apparently finding it far warmer than Amelia had a few minutes previous. Playfully, she flicked her hand at the redhead before pulling away from her, her left hand trailing down Amelia’s arm and slipping into her hand, leading her under the water and stepping behind her, reaching out to grab the foamy soap Amelia had brought with her. She poured a generous amount into a cupped hand before rubbing it between both somewhat vigorously, though when they met Amelia’s skin, they were nothing but gentle as she spread the soap over her body. 

"We could just stay in," she said, with a grin on her lips. "Unless you want to actually see the city for once. In which case… I don’t even know what San Diego has to offer."